Our Learning Support Service is designed for all students to reach their full potential. We provide additional teaching or learning resources to enable you to successfully complete your chosen programme of study.

BMC is committed to working with students to identify and meet their learning needs and goals.

Additional learning support underpins this commitment and enables students to achieve their study programme aims and reach their full potential.

BMC is committed to ensuring that we comply with the Special Educational Needs code of practice, ensuring that those students with learning difficulties, disabilities and Education Health and Care Plans have equal access to our facilities and courses. Individuals should be able to perform to the best of their abilities without being disadvantaged by difficulty and/or disability.

Students at all levels may require learning support and our dedicated team of Learning Co-ordinators/Learning Support Assistants and Learning Development Lecturers can discuss how we can cater for your individual needs.


Our support services offer assistance for individuals with a variety of needs, including:

  • Dyslexia
  • A specific learning difficulty
  • A physical disability
  • Hearing impairment
  • Visual impairment
  • Medical conditions
  • Recovering from long-term ill-health
  • Exam Access screening
  • Students with an Education Health and Care Plan
  • Students with Special Educational Needs and Disability Support Plan (SEND Plan)


To contact the SENCO or a Learning Support Co-ordinator:

T: 01664 850 850


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