William Newbury – President

  • William Newbury - President

Course: HND Horticulture & Conservation Management

“As a Course Representative I enjoy representing the voice of the learners. I believe that Brooksby Melton is a good college but can be improved. We need to have independently run groups and societies to build good relations between courses and to build a good student body. I hope with my input I will help to create a positive, enthusiastic college.”

Kajal Bhanji – Vice President & Brooksby Campus Student Governor

  •  Kajal Bhanji - Vice President

Course: L3 Extended Diploma Business Studies

“The fundamental reason for being a Vice President & Student Governor is to ensure that the student voice is heard. For example: more trips, new technology, new equipment, parties etc…this will help to make BMC even better!”

Melissa Arthur – Events & Marketing Officer

  •  Melissa Arthur - Events and Marketing Officer

Course: L3 Extended Diploma Animal Management

“This year was my first at Brooksby and I have absolutely fallen in love with it already. I have been part of the student voice meetings since the start of the year and already we have seen changes as a college. I would describe myself as an organised, approachable person who actually really cares about this college. I care about what matters to each student and I will try to help people and make a change for the positive.”

Claire Mills – Sports & Societies Officer

  •  Claire Mills - Sports and Societies Officer

Course: L3 Extended Diploma Animal Management

“I would be good for the role of the Sports & Societies Officer because I have a wide variety of skills and experiences that will help me to carry out the role well. I am highly motivated and hard working with good organisational skills. I will talk to students effectively about what societies and sports they would like to see, I have lots of ideas that could be considered as well as the ability to take other people’s ideas and comments into account.”