Rutland County Council

BMC may be able to provide a subsidised travel option for Rutland students. BMC recommend that you contact BMC Transport Services before you apply for your travel pass from Rutland County Council to ensure that you are aware of all available options and associated costs. Please contact BMC Transport on 01664 855211 for further information.

If you live in Rutland and pay your council tax to Rutland County Council you may qualify for assisted transport to BMC provided our course (qualification gained) is the nearest available to where you live. Please apply online directly to Rutland County Council, to determine if you are eligible for a Rutland County Council travel pass.

ALL STUDENTS – Those starting their first year of subsidised transport, the charge for 2019-20 is £520 per student. (in full or 4 instalments of £130.00)

Application Forms are available Online at

Or Call Rutland County Council (Customer Services) 01572 722577

By email:

Or download the Rutland County Council travel guide here.

Apply by 13th July 2020 to guarantee your pass arrives before the start of term.

This information will be subject to change.

For more information on Rutland County Council GDPR please view Data protection leaflet April 2018