BA Performing Arts Students Perform at Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre!

| Melton

Brooksby Melton College Degree students are returning to the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Swan Theatre this Sunday to perform Middleton and Rowley’s Jacobean classic, The Changeling.

The students, who study BA (Hons) Performing Arts, will be travelling to Stratford-upon-Avon this Sunday to perform their rendition of the play, which they have been tirelessly rehearsing since casting in October 2017.

BA (Hons) Performing Arts student, Rebecca Lindfield, said ‘This is the second year I have been a part of this project at the RSC and I can’t put into words the feeling I get when being on the stage there. The theatre is beautiful and it is such an honour to be able to perform on it. This experience as a whole is overwhelming and very enjoyable, from the rehearsal process through to the final performance.”

John Pickering, also a BA (Hons) Performing Arts student, added ‘Working on this project has developed my understanding of the commitment needed to be a professional actor and has given me the confidence to push forward in my dream career.’

Ross Woods, Programme Team Manager for Performing Arts and Media at BMC, commented ‘The students have worked tirelessly on developing their performances for this very challenging text. They have worked collaboratively and supported each other throughout the whole process. It is always a pleasure seeing students engaging and getting excited about classical theatre, particularly the first time they walk through the unassuming backstage area of the Swan Theatre and onto one of the world’s most famous stages! This will be the fourth production that BMC has staged at this prestigious venue, with each performance wowing both the audience and the RSC technical and production teams!’

The Changeling is a Jacobean tragedy focussing on Beatrice-Joanna, who is betrothed to Alonzo but loves another. Treachery and tragedy ensue, with Beatrice attempting to rid herself of Alonzo for good. The sub-plot, which provides a more comical element, features a couple who live in an asylum, with many suitors longing for Alibius’ young wife, Isabella.

Brooksby Melton College Performing Arts students are able to gain a wealth of performing experience on a plethora of world-class stages, such as the aforementioned Swan Theatre, Leicester’s Curve Theatre and Saddler’s Wells Theatre in London. Students are also able to gain performance experience at Melton Theatre, the 340-seat commercial theatre housed at BMC’s Melton Campus, and benefit from rehearsing in purpose-built studios equipped with mirrored walls, sprung flooring and a fully integrated PA system.

There is still time to apply for a Performing Arts Degree course at BMC for a September 2018 start. Click here to find out more about Degrees at BMC.