This information below details the arrangements the College would put in place to inform students and their families of an emergency situation requiring the cancellation of all classes and the closure of the College.

A full closure will only occur when there is severe disruption to the working of the College or where for reasons of health and safety it would not be possible to continue normal operations.

An example of severe disruption would be very adverse weather conditions which would prevent students and staff from accessing the College premises. A failure of electrical power would be an example of a situation which might disrupt normal operations and put at risk the health and safety of staff and students.

If an emergency situation developed during a normal teaching day then the College Management would be responsible for deciding if the situation required an early closure and would communicate this directly to students on the College premises at that time.

If the emergency situation continued to disrupt College activities, or if the situation developed ‘out of hours’ and a decision was taken to officially close the College then this information would be communicated to learners and their families using the following means:

1. Announcements on Local Radio

The College will place ‘secured official messages’ with a number of local radio stations who would broadcast the information during their normal transmission times. For closures affecting that same day the messages would normally be broadcast between 0600 – 0800 on weekdays and at regular times during weekends or Bank Holidays.

The table below lists the radio stations that would be contacted to broadcast messages concerning significant disruption or College closure. These stations cover the vast majority of student residential locations. Please check to confirm that you live in broadcasting range of one or more of these radio stations. If you do not live in an area covered by one of these stations then please make arrangements with one or more fellow students who can receive the messages to forward any important closure information to you.

 Radio Station Frequencies
BBC Radio Leicester 104.9 FM
Capital Radio 105.4 FM
107 Oak FM 107 FM
103 The Eye 103 FM
Takeover Radio 103.2 FM
Rutland Radio 107.2 FM, 97.4 FM
107.9 Fosse way Radio 107.9 FM
BBC Radio Nottingham 103.8 FM, 95.5 FM
BBC Radio Lincolnshire 104.7 FM, 94.9 FM

2. Contact the College Switchboard

To obtain details of the closure, telephone the college switchboard on 01664 850850. However, if there is a large number of incoming calls to the College, there will be some delay in responding

3. Text Messaging Service

The College will also attempt to contact students via the text messaging service to inform students of any College closure.

4. Web site announcement

The College will post notification of college closure on its website at the earliest opportunity.

Please note that unless students receive official notification of college closure then they are expected to attend college for all their classes.

If the college is open, a student who is unable to travel from her/his home because of severe weather conditions locally, should let the college know by contacting Student Services on 01664 855279 (Melton) or 01664 855294 (Brooksby). If there is no reply, their name, course and reason for absence should be left on the voicemail.

Alternatively the text messaging service can be used by texting Absence, space then your message, name and course, to 07950080380.