Working Liveries & Loans Available!

| Brooksby

Have you got a horse that isn’t getting enough work due to you not having enough time?

Are you thinking about going away to University but don’t want to sell your horse?

Are you looking at a cost-effective livery option whilst still maintaining access to first-class facilities?

Working livery might be the solution for you!



Your horse will receive a varied work programme to include both ridden work and practical sessions.

Excellent levels of care given to your horse throughout the year by fully-qualified staff.

Care is taken to ensure each horse has riders of the appropriate level.

All horses are treated as individuals so specific management requirements can be catered for.

24-hour on site supervision.

Arena use included when available.

Your horse is available for you to ride evenings and weekends during term time and 7 days per week during holiday periods.

We also have loan options available!



Horses must be at least 5 years old and in regular work at the time of trial.

Horses need to be a minimum of 14.2hh and capable of jumping a course of 65cm or above.

Potential horses will need to undergo a trial period to check suitability and to ensure the horse is happy in the college environment.



Contact us on 01664 855333 or Melissa Fricker at


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Working Livery***

£33 per week


Loan option A: Free during term time and £33 p/week during college holidays

Loan option B: Full loan, no cost


* Owner remains responsible for additional costs such as farrier, vet, dentist etc.

** Additional charges may apply for specific feed or bedding requirements

***Prices for both working livery and loan options are subject to change



Rita & Dave

‘I have had my horse, Dave, on working livery for the past year where he has been completely pampered and looked after by all the staff and students at BMC. Dave was used by the students in college lessons under the tuition of one of the college instructors, this proved invaluable to maintain and improve Dave’s schooling and fitness. In exchange there was a reduction in the cost of keeping him on livery. Working livery was a fantastic option for me because:

  • I work long hours
  • Unable to exercise him enough and bring on his schooling education
  • Family commitments
  • Abundance of help, support and advise from staff & instructors
  • Removed the worry of organising farriers, dentists, vet visits, etc.

The care given to all the horses is first class, nothing is too much trouble and the horse’s welfare always comes first. I was kept informed of the amount and type of work Dave had done that day and how he had performed. I would highly recommend working livery at BMC, the facilities are amazing and I have met and made some fantastic friends.’ 


Jasmine & Granite

‘For anybody looking to put their horse in working livery, I would highly recommend speaking with Donna and the team at BMC.

Due to my work commitments, I put my pride and joy,  my 15.2hh connemara gelding Granite, into working livery so that he would be cared for around the clock and get the exercise he needed to stay level headed whilst improving his flatwork and jumping.

The staff were very attentive and met all of mine and Granite’s needs (we are both very demanding 😉). Despite being a high maintenance horse, with an unfortunate trait of being very accident-prone, Granite was very well looked after during his time at BMC and nothing was too much trouble. The girls on the yard kept me updated every day and we enjoyed lots of training sessions and shows, taking full advantage of the top-class facilities at Brooksby.’



‘Having had my horse on DIY livery previously, and now over 10 years on working livery – it must have its benefits! There are of course, as with everything in life, pluses and minuses – but the PLUSES outweigh the minuses by a long way.


  • Horse/pony is always fit (which also makes them happy).
  • There are always people and, thus, activity throughout the term time day – this keeps the horse’s mind occupied = happy animal.
  • Daily grooming, feet picked out, checks and handling – horses/ponies need attention and mine has become one happy, relaxed gentleman through this consistency.
  • You can ride/attend every evening and weekend as these are totally free from student lessons. You just need to let staff know your plans.
  • Full clean beds in airy dry stables with automatic waters – You don’t muck out, not in term time, nor at the weekends – just no mucking out full stop – no 5am mucking out before work and back at it again at 7pm on your way home – it’s done!
  • Each horse/pony is cared for as a member of the family.
  • Great turnout (very little mud at the most wet times) – in managed small groups of same sex.
  • Knowledgeable, educated, qualified & approachable staff – everyone WANTS you to get the best from your horse/pony relationship
  • Vet/Farrier /physio/rug changes etc. – you don’t have to be there, it’s scheduled in (you can have your own nominated vet/farrier if preferred).
  • The use of the outdoor / indoor school, in the dry – no additional costs.
  • Onsite dressage/show jumping shows (you just rock out your stable into the area).
  • Onsite lessons/clinics – both dressage/show jumping/poles at really competitive rates and great hacking, local pubs welcome you and your horse in the car parks!
  • Special requests adhered too – if you want 4 boots on in all lesson, for example – catered for and no quibbles.
  • 24-hour forage and standard feed included (you can have special stuff if you want to supply it with no drama, and it’s kept in the dry stores for administering).
  • Late checks/24-hour site management.
  • Safe for you and your horse/pony – the college want your animal to be fit, well, happy and healthy just as much as you do.
  • Walker/washing facilities/heated tack room/washing machine/toilets, and at shows there’s usually a burger van.
  • You can keep all your rugs on your horse/pony assigned ‘post’ just for you.
  • You get FREE TIME back to spend with your horse/pony doing what YOU want to do with them, as all choirs are already complete each day.
  • Total peace of mind that your animal is safe and extremely well cared for – that’s priceless for me and the service is super cost-effective.
  • NEVER  ridden without qualified instruction – so is always with an instructor, in a planned, controlled lesson. Your horse/pony is always chosen to work with suitable jockey and mounting is from a supervised MOUNTING BLOCK ONLY.
  • Your tack is cleaned– YEP – after every ride they wash the bit and wipe it down (only in term time, you have to clean it yourself over the summer holiday)


  • Horse/pony is ridden by students in the term time week days – however, it is good for their balance and minds, and I’ve found that most of the students ride better than me!
  • Your tack is used by others. You can have your own ‘special’ bridle/saddle just for yourself, if you feel it’s necessary.
  • The road up to the stables is a bit long (its nearly a mile) and has minor pot holes (I’m struggling for any real negatives here!) :)’



Melissa Fricker

01664 855333