The Corporation of Brooksby Melton College comprises of people from a range of backgrounds reflecting the local community which the College serves.

The Corporation is responsible for the overall functioning of the College which includes setting the strategic direction of the College, overseeing the quality of service which the College offers to learners and the local community, and importantly ensuring the College’s financial health.

The Corporation’s role is strategic, and members do not involve themselves in the day-to-day management of the College.

The Corporation, which is also referred to as the Board of Governors, comprises of thirteen independent members, two student Governors, one staff Governor, the Principal and up to three co-opted members.

The full Board meet approximately seven times per year. In addition, the Corporation has formed five Committees who meet regularly to consider specific areas of work, these are detailed below:

Audit Committee:

The Audit Committee advise the Corporation on the effectiveness of the College’s internal control systems through the work undertaken by the external and internal auditors.

They adhere to the Audit Code of Practice, to provide assurance on the quality and effectiveness of the College’s corporate governance and are independent of College management.

Finance & General Purposes Committee:

This Committee advise the Board on the financial health and solvency of the College and the financial implications of new initiatives and ventures. They also advise on matters affecting the pay and conditions of staff in the College except the Senior Post Holders; and Estates and Human Resources matters.

Quality & Standards Committee:

The role of this Committee is quite wide and includes advising the Board on targets, trends and developments in enrolment, retention and achievement; development of the College’s curriculum, teaching and learning and of support services in the College; compliance with equality and diversity and safeguarding policies; marketing of curriculum areas; and progress in the capture of the ‘ Student Voice’.

Search & Governance Committee:

This Committee advise the Board on the appointment, re-appointment, appraisal, training and ongoing development of Governors. They also advise on the constitution and rotation of Governors on the Committees.

Remuneration Committee

The role of this Committee is to advise the Board of Governors on the specific remuneration packages of the Principal, other senior postholders and the Clerk to Corporation.

In addition to the above, the Board has a formed a Development Committee who meet on an ‘as required’ basis to give consideration to the College’s Capital Developments.

Would you like to join us?

We are continually looking for new members and would like to hear from people who may be interested in becoming a governor.

As a governor you will need commitment; an interest in education; balanced judgement; an ability to assess complex issues; be able to commit to attending a number of meetings during the year and have the time before meetings to read the papers. Links with the local community or businesses would also be an advantage.

If you would like to receive further information or just have an informal chat about the role please contact the Clerk to the Governors: