In Conversation With Leicester Tigers Senior Rugby Development Officer, Steven Baker!

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Leicester Tigers and Brooksby Melton College (Part of the SMB Group) continue to work in an ongoing partnership, delivering Further Education and Higher Education options for young people.

In this recent interview, the club’s Senior Rugby Development Officer, Steven Baker, shares how Post-16 students can get involved in applications for next year’s courses, in addition to the various work experience opportunities at the club.


Firstly, how has Brooksby Melton College been affected by Covid-19 since the outbreak, and the new term?

As you can imagine, at the moment it’s similar to any other educational institution in the country, as we react to the ever-changing threat of the pandemic. However, we have engaged with more than 90 students in person with live sessions, maintaining the delivery of our programme. We have also continued to deliver a successful online delivery programme, where we have completed video analysis, physical challenges and coursework delivery, and had special guest speakers.


What is a normal day of college like? 

As it currently stands, all lessons are being delivered remotely over three days per week, split into our individual rugby groups, and then coming together for the strength and conditioning sessions. Our strength and conditioning sessions are still online delivery – we just invite all 90 students to the same call, as opposed to our rugby calls where they are split into three groups.


Give us a bit of background about Tigers’ long-standing relationship with BMC.

We started our partnership at BMC during the 2014/15 season by providing sport students with rugby enrichment in line with their academic timetable – starting with six players. The 2018/19 season saw us develop a unique HE/Degree experience, supporting students with their career prospects by providing work experience/industry experience and qualifications alongside their studies. Our Academic and Sporting Excellence (ACE) programme, formally ASSE, is a selected group of sixty 16 – 18 year old players, looking to study Sport, Sport Science or Agriculture alongside a full-time elite rugby training programme. Students who are looking to study other courses can still access rugby, with at least 2 hours of coaching available in their timetables as well as selection for fixtures.


When do I need to apply by for next year’s uptake?

Applications are open now and we advise students to send in their applications as soon as possible to be added to our ‘Rugby Students’ mailing list to receive regular updates from myself. You’ll also be able to complete your academic interview and ask about transport/accommodation queries in good time before start of term.

All students will receive an offer on one of our rugby programmes: ACE (selected), Development (full timetable of rugby training if studying Sport, Sport Science or Agriculture), or Enrichment (2 hours + fixture selection on whichever course you study). 


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