Seven reasons why a small university might be perfect for you

| Brooksby, Melton

Have you considered that a smaller provider may suit you best?

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘to be a big fish in a small pond’? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll represent at a small campus; your talents will shine, your voice will be heard, and you’ll know the friendly faces of your peers.

Small campuses usually have less than 3000 students. In comparison, the 10 biggest universities in the UK all have more than 10 times that, with over 30,000 students each, and the biggest hosting over 40,000! It’s incredible difficult to be recognised as an individual in these environments.

Of course, a large university is not all bad; often they are based in large cities where the social-life may be constantly buzzing, the on-campus facilities may be better serviced, and the chances of meeting your soul-mate are greatly increased.

So what if you could find a campus that offered the best of both worlds – great facilities AND a small cohort? At the BMC School of Higher Education, we do just that!

Here’s our top seven reasons why a small campus might be better than a mega-uni:


  1. Reduced class sizes, so you can benefit from more contact time with lecturers.
  2. Lecturers with real-life industry experience and understanding, who are more focused on the quality of your learning experience.
  3. Maximum access to specialist equipment and facilities. No fighting over who gets to use the kit – there’s plenty to go around.
  4. Unlike the larger universities, some smaller providers will offer degrees at a lower price tag. For example, at BMC, tuition for our Undergraduate courses is as little as £7500 per year – in comparison to an average cost of £8354* at a traditional university. Yet you’ll leave with the same qualification!
  5. The opportunity to create closer, long-lasting bonds with everyone – not just with people studying the same degree as you, but with people from other course areas who have different interests, backgrounds and experiences, helping to shape you as an well-rounded individual.
  6. More focus on your individual health and wellbeing; rather than getting lost in the crowd, smaller providers can offer a calmer degree experience, which let’s face it, could be a blessing when your deadlines are approaching! They can also offer more personal attention from Student Services, to help you with all your pastoral-care needs, from finance to mental health support.
  7. At a university with fewer students, you matter more, it’s as simple as that. Knowing that you count can go a long way to helping you through your degree and on to a successful career. Lecturers and support staff can offer more support to get your journey into the world-of-work off to a flying start; from expert careers advisors, to invaluable contacts with key employers.


If you think a smaller provider might be right for you, we’re here to help. Email us at for more information on your chosen course.

At BMC, you won’t be one of thousands, you’ll be one of the family.

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