1. Abide by College Policies and Procedures, Rules and Regulations
  2. Follow Health and Safety procedures and have regard for everyone’s safety
  3. Work hard, attend all lessons and tutorials, and be on time
  4.  Have a positive attitude to study
  5.  Have a positive attitude to themselves and others
  6.  Uphold College Values through ‘Respect for All’. Treat others as they themselves would like to be treated
  7.  Recognise that other people have different values and concerns
  8.  Look after themselves
  9.  Look after the environment they work and relax in
  10.  Switch off their mobile phone/MP3 before lessons unless asked to use by a staff member in the session
  11.  Come to lessons with everything they need to learn – e.g. books, pens, notes, files, equipment
  12.  Be attentive in lessons and work hard at tasks
  13.  Follow instructions and take advice seriously
  14.  Take an active part in class and group activities and answer questions when asked
  15.  Do homework and research ready for deadlines
  16.  Expect to remain in the classroom for the whole lesson
  17.  Explain any absences and arrange to catch up on missed work
  18.  Use the Library/Study Areas when not in lessons.